Financial Wellness Tip #7: Look at WHEN You Pay Bills

When you get paid more than once a month, it’s also impor­tant to look at *when* you pay bills. By chang­ing *when* we paid things, we found money in each pay period!  Sure, it feels good to sit down and pay ALL of the bills at once, but  not all bills have the same due date, […]

Financial Wellness Tip #6: Learn The Envelope System

Stay­ing in bud­get can be SO hard, but now that you’re liv­ing a Zero Sum Lifestyle (every penny that comes in goes to some­thing, even if that some­thing is sav­ings or invest­ing), it’s incred­i­bly impor­tant because a sin­gle penny over­spent could mean bank fees and bounced checks! Enter The Enve­lope Sys­tem. Twice each month, when […]

Pardon Our Dust! New Site and New Features are Inbound!

As many of you know, I’m a big reader.  Over the past cou­ple of years, I’ve spent sig­nif­i­cantly more time read­ing non-fiction than I have in the pre­vi­ous 40 years of my life.  One of those books was Michael Hyatt’s “Plat­form: Get Noticed in a Noisy World”.

Much to our col­lec­tive joy, Mr. Hyatt worked for over a year to bring a unique theme to Word­Press, his Get Noticed! Theme. After our recent trip to Dis­ney­land, we had money left over (thank you, Bud­get!) and decided to invest a lit­tle in ourselves.

Con­se­quently, you will notice some tweaks and new paint here and there over the com­ing days.  As with any new con­struc­tion, you can expect some mess, but I am con­vinced the new look, bells and whis­tles, and incred­i­ble fea­tures will more than make up for it! I appre­ci­ate your patience as I work out the kinks!

Some of the cool things you can expect:

  • Sur­veys to dial in what YOU want to read about!
  • An intro­duc­tion to our new on-line, self-paced coach­ing program
  • Sched­ule of upcom­ing local events
  • Reviews and give­aways (hint: need a sim­pler way to bud­get?  We have one for you!)

As always, we look for­ward to serv­ing you!

Financial Wellness Tip #5: The Importance of a Budget

  We’ve cov­ered no more bor­row­ing money and an Emer­gency Fund. What’s next, you ask?   Write Down Your Bud­get. Every.Single.Month.    Get ready. This is where I take the ick­i­ness out of the word “bud­get”.   There are 4 places your money should go while you are get­ting out of debt.   Bills Enve­lope Sys­tem (More […]