Financial Wellness Tip #3: The Importance of an Emergency Fund

When you are swimming in debt, and have creditors calling you every 30 minutes, the *last* thing you think you can do is put away for an “emergency”! Isn’t the aforementioned debt and creditors an emergency?!? What happens when your tires are so bald that the shop won’t even rotate them for you when you […]

Financial Wellness Tip #2: Cut Costs WITHOUT Clipping Coupons!

When we were getting out of debt, I clipped coupons. I clipped a ton of coupons, poured over the Sunday ads, deal-searched on my favorite sites (Hip2Save, if you were wondering), and would head out at very random times to grab a deal. I took coupon classes, wrote posts about my couponing adventures, and organized, […]

Financial Wellness Tip #1: Say NO to New Debt!

I’ll make this short and sweet, since this concept seems like a no brainer. A big part of Financial Wellness is less debt. So stop making more! When we were charge-card addicts, we thought of credit cards as an extension of our own money. Realistically, when you swipe that little plastic wonder, you are spending […]

The True Meaning of The American Dream

Close your eyes for 10 seconds and imagine one thing: The American Dream. 2 kids. 1 dog. White picket fences. Perfect lawns. Husbands wearing fedoras as they happily wave to their neighbor watering their prized azaleas as said husband is off to his office job with all the other husbands. Wives standing at the kitchen […]

American Dream