Lead Yourself Before You Lead Others

The other day, I was catching up on some podcasts from Michael Hyatt. If you aren’t listening to/reading his site, you are doing yourself a disservice.  His wisdom is incredible. At any rate, the particular podcast I was listening to was titled “5 Reasons to Speak Well of Your Spouse in Public“.  There was so […]

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Millenial Cop VideoCast Interview

It’s amazing how small the world is getting these days. Three weeks ago, I posted about an experiment I would be taking part in. The last few weeks have been incredible as a result. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a number of people from a ton of different backgrounds all over the country. Probably […]

Whom do you Trust?

Do you remember being a little kid and sensing that rush as your dad tossed you up in the air?  You remember the competing thoughts of imminent danger and the thrill of walking that line between the safety of your dad’s arms and the uncertainty of flight? I remember them fondly.  I’ll bet my dad […]

The essence of trust