Financial Wellness Tip #7: Look at WHEN You Pay Bills

When you get paid more than once a month, it’s also important to look at *when* you pay bills. By changing *when* we paid things, we found money in each pay period!  Sure, it feels good to sit down and pay ALL of the bills at once, but  not all bills have the same due date, […]

Financial Wellness Tip #6: Learn The Envelope System

Staying in budget can be SO hard, but now that you’re living a Zero Sum Lifestyle (every penny that comes in goes to something, even if that something is savings or investing), it’s incredibly important because a single penny overspent could mean bank fees and bounced checks! Enter The Envelope System. Twice each month, when […]

Financial Wellness Tip #5: The Importance of a Budget

  We’ve covered no more borrowing money and an Emergency Fund. What’s next, you ask?   Write Down Your Budget. Every.Single.Month.    Get ready. This is where I take the ickiness out of the word “budget”.   There are 4 places your money should go while you are getting out of debt.   Bills Envelope […]

Financial Wellness Tip #4: The Travel Budget

In honor of our fully paid for trip to Disneyland with our family, this week, I am talking about the travel budget. A Travel Budget is basically the same format as your “normal” budget (which, if you need help forming a realistic one, GPS Financial Coaching specializes in it!), but it includes the line items […]