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You Need A Budget.  That isn’t simply a statement of fact, it’s also a company that offers the best budgeting software on the planet.  By now, you should know we here at GPS love all things Dave Ramsey.  YNAB is better than than the Gazelle Budget available through Dave’s site.  That should really tell you something.

YNAB offers excellent free tutorials on how to use the software (I skipped the Handling Credit Cards one because we don’t use them and advise against them).  That notwithstanding, though, you have the option of taking the class live or watching a replayed webinar.

The cost is a one-time fee of $60.  But wait!

GPS fans can get a cool $6 off by following this referral link!  (Full disclosure: If you use the referral link, you get $6 off and we get $6 from YNAB.)  GPS clients will receive a different code for 25% off…a total cost to clients of $45!  (Full disclosure: if you are a GPS client and take advantage of the coupon code created specifically for GPS clients, we get the satisfaction that you are making smart money decisions…but that’s it!)

Finally, YNAB offers a 34-day free full version trial!  Try it out.  You won’t be disappointed!


Sugar 5 Designs

Sugar 5 Designs

I am not a web designer by any stretch of the imagination. I had ham-fistedly put together a website in 2013 in an effort to simply begin spreading the news that GPS Financial Coaching was viable. Time marched on, the business began to grow, but the website still lacked some pizazz.

I inundated April with questions/concerns and they were all answered quickly, professionally and with the perfect amount of hand-holding. She took an overbearing, ginormous logo and made it a much more appropriate size and relocated it in the header. She also gave me some customized buttons and helped walk me through some changes I could make myself.

I think that was my favorite part, to be honest. Not that she was able to facilitate the changes I liked, but that she taught me something and gave me knowledge I can leverage down the road.

She’s the goods, friends!

Becca Ludlum


GPS was lucky enough to cross paths with the author of Everything But The Posts not too long ago.  We have been bloggers for about 14 years between the two of us.  This book had information of which we were both completely unaware.  The title could not be more accurate.  Becca has laid out an easy-to-follow plan in a quick guide that is neither overly technical or condescending.

Simply click on the picture of the book above to be whisked away to Amazon for your very own copy.  If you are a blogger, this book is required reading.  We whole-heartedly recommend this book to both new and experienced bloggers.

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