Imagine Debt Freedom

Think about the title of this post for a minute.

debt eraser

Seriously.  One minute.

You have no debt.  None.  You owe nothing.  You have no payments.

How does that feel?  What does that look like?  What would you do next?

Who could you bless?  Where could you travel?  What kind of impact could you have on the lives of your families? Of your community? Why stop there?

Imagining yourself debt free can all at once be an intoxicating and terrifying prospect.  Intoxicating because it just sounds so damn great.  Terrifying because if you don’t have a plan, you can be scared into inaction.  I’ve spoken of fear in a past post.  To reiterate, having a plan is a ladder out of fear.  

Your biggest wealth-building tool is your income.  If you don’t have to pass it on to others (read: creditors), the power of your income can grow exponentially. In order for that to come to fruition, however, it is incumbent upon each of us to have direction and to act intentionally toward accomplishing the goals we set.

debt eraserDebt freedom is one of the keys to building wealth.  Getting to that stage presents a unique set of struggles.  Getting there is challenging.  It takes a ton of hard work, commitment and dedication.

If you equate it with losing weight, think of a finance coach as a personal trainer for your money.  It is my job to push you.  Encourage you.  I will tell you what you need to hear.  I can help you cut the fat where you need it and bulk up where you lack.

I will serve you well in all that I do because it is my goal to see as many people on the other side of debt as I can.  I want you to experience debt freedom, not simply imagine it.

Any good coach will tell you that envisioning your actions, picturing yourself winning or visualizing achievements is a good starting point…but it ain’t enough.  You need to sweat. You need to put in the work.  You need to be motivated, inspired and emboldened.

I can do those things for you.

For some of you, what others imagine is your reality.  Brilliant!

Maybe you’ve been intentional with your money and you don’t need any direction.  It is my sincere hope that is the case.  However, if you’ve simply just not been one to go into debt or you happened on a windfall of some kind, you will still need a plan for your financial future.  There is certainly more to financial security than simply living debt free.

Without guidance and direction, the money you have now will walk away from you.  Let’s prevent that from happening!

Be honest: If you imagined yourself debt free, what was your first thought/feeling?



Feature image courtesy of Flickr and Alan Cleaver.