Coach Jason

My name is Jason and I used to be buried in debt.  Then one day, my wife introduced me to Dave Ramsey.  Dave taught us how to properly handle money and helped us create a plan to dig out of debt and start to build wealth.  Want to know how much we paid?

In two days shy of 28 months, my wife and I paid off $77,232.88.  On a single income.

We didn’t win the lotto.  We didn’t receive an inheritance.  We didn’t sell the kids to gypsies.  We had a plan.

The success of our plan got us so inspired that we took our experience to our church where we’ve now led seven Financial Peace University classes, Dave’s course on handling money, and seen our students payoff over $650,000 cumulatively.

I’ve been so impressed and inspired by both my personal experience and the experience of FPU students that I wanted to do more.  While I love FPU and the hope it gives people, sometimes the broad overview isn’t enough.  I have found that people need more personal attention.  They need a different kind of motivation specific to their circumstance.  They need someone to look them in the eye, sit kneecap-to-kneecap and guide them through this process.

Jason and Dave Ramsey

Me and Dave Ramsey

In April of 2013, I was blessed to attend Dave’s Financial Coach Master Seriese in Nashville, TN.  It was four of the best days of my life.  I’m fond of saying, “You thought I was on fire before? Now, I’m afraid I may spontaneously combust!”  Upon returning from Nashville, I wanted to create a business that was geared toward coaching people through the process of learning the tenets of FPU, but in regard to their specific situation.

Enter GPS.

Why GPS?  In addition to being the standard for direction upon which the digital technology of mapping is built, it stands for Guiding, Planning, Serving.  I’ll be talking about a myriad of things on the blog component of this site.  One of those topics is going to be leadership and serving.  It is my belief that leaders serve and those that serve lead.  It is my desire to serve you by guiding you through constructing a plan specific to your financial situation.

Are you ready?  Have you had enough?  Do you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck?  Are you tired of wondering where your money went?  Ready to start telling it what to do?

Begin today!

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