“When I first contacted Jason, I thought my situation was virtually beyond repair.  I had considered budgeting in the past, but I always associated that with limitations and rules. The truth is, yes, there are rules that I have to follow when I budget, BUT, I make the rules. I now control my money. My money doesn’t control me. This process has not been easy. I haven’t been perfect. This journey isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. It’s just about teaching yourself you tell your money where to go, rather than wonder where it went. You’re in complete control. As far as the coaching goes, I can’t say enough about how amazing Jason was. I never felt like he judged me. In fact, after our first meeting, he made me feel like a rock star. He gave me the confidence to do what I was already capable of doing. I just needed someone to put things into perspective for me and show me that the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t a train.”

– Sean Eddy (TX), 31, Paramedic

“Getting control of my finances has changed my life! An odd side benefit is the revenue side of my life has increased! Not being stressed attracts opportunity!”

-Roger Huddlestone (CA), 55, Real Estate

“A better relationship with money and wealth management will most Definitely Improve your living and giving.  Jason is inspired and will indeed inspire you to make a difference in your own life. Thanks, Coach!”

-Rich Hurst (CA), 54, Business Owner

“I’m so thankful for Coach Jason’s work! He was able to show me there was hope with my financial situation. He gave me some great tools that changed the way I view money!”

-Carrie McCall (SC), 28, Christian Ed & Youth Director

“Jason teaches the same principles I personally used to amazing results!  I highly recommend his coaching.”

-Joe Norton (CA), 60, Real Estate

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