Financial Wellness Tip #7: Look at WHEN You Pay Bills

When you pay your bills matters

When you get paid more than once a month, it’s also important to look at *when* you pay bills. By changing *when* we paid things, we found money in each pay period!  Sure, it feels good to sit down and pay ALL of the bills at once, but  not all bills have the same due date, so you can space out when you pay things, especially when it comes to putting money in your Sinking Funds (stay tuned for that tip coming in a future post!). Many people do that because they HATE paying bills, so they want to do it as little as possible. We used to also. Now we love it because we know we’ve got the money because we see it in black and white (and not red) before we send the payments!

We get paid twice a month. One of those checks is always exactly the same amount. The other one includes and overtime and holiday pay the Hubby made. We like that check :)

We pay about half of our bills on the OT check each month, but the mortgage comes out of that one, so it gets “allocated” quickly. Then the Hubby puts in the stagnant paycheck amount for the next pay period, and we’ll be able to see how much we have that month to spend because it includes whatever we didn’t allocate from the OT check. The number we had at the end of the month was what we sent to our debt. Theoretically, every single PENNY was spent in one of the 4 categories I mentioned in my Budgeting post.  (I say theoretically for reasons I’ll get into in another post. I’m such a tease.). This is called a Zero Sum Budget.

We’ve got it pretty dialed in now, so it takes us about 5-10 minutes to do our budget.

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